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Brody.MC Media was founded by the one and only Brody Childs, and I've been working with video, photography, and writing since I can remember; which in most cases is only between a few hours and about a month. It's a life style. I think it all goes back to my parents. They were travelers and they didn't let me get in the way of that. As a kid I'd be in the car for hours. Just watching and waiting; seeing where ever the wind was taking me now. Like I said, it's a life style. And you better believe I've kept it up. For whatever reason, adrenaline draws. It drives you to fight and to seek out the highest peaks and deepest pits. I want to go to both. I want to see both. And I will film, capture, and write about all of it. Each piece. Every detail. And, of course, I'll bring it all to you. So, stop listening to me ramble and check what I've brought back so far. There's a whole selection and there's an entire world. All you've got to do is make a move.

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